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Terms of Use

- Assets must be downloaded before use (no direct linking)

- All assets are free of charge, but all copyrights vest with YouFulca.

- Assets can be freely edited to suit your needs.
 You can also cut and loop pieces from a song or add effects to a voice asset to make it sound like a different person.

- All audio assets on this website can be used with any game development tool. 
 Even if "Asset for Unity" is written in the folder name, it does not mean "For Unity only".

- Modified assets from the RPG Maker series can only be used in works created with RPG Maker.
 These file names have the characters "RPGmaker". (Currently only 3 of the BGM for battle)
 When using the above assets, also read the RPG Maker official terms of use to ensure compliance.

- With the exception of arrangements of Touhou tracks and assets exclusively for RPG Maker, any asset can be used.
 They can be for amateur projects, free or paid projects, adult projects, commercial projects, YouTube, film, anime, YouTube, theater, tabletop role-playing game, and any other use.

- Arrangements of Touhou BGM(Touhou Remix) can, as a rule, only be used in Touhou Project derivative works.
 These file names have the characters "TouHou".
 The assets can be used in any manner provided they meet the conditions of the Touhou Project Derivative Works Guidelines.

- It is possible to cover the songs on this website, play them, and distribute the videos on YouTube.
 In that case, the copyright notice of this website is required.

- However, it is strictly prohibited to register the cover version with a distribution service such as TuneCore or distribute it with
 Apple Music, Spotify or other streaming services.

Notification of use and copyright notation

- The work or web site must include the name YouFulca or the name of this web site (Wingless Seraph).
 (If such notation would negatively affect the presentation of the work, the above is not required.)

- When uploading videos to video sharing services such as YouTube with the aim of allowing people to listen to music on
 this website as is, you must publish my name" YouFulca" and send the link to this website.

- Optional: I would be very excited to hear an announcement from you on the BBS regarding your using the assets.
- Optional: I would be elated and cry tears of joy if you linked back to this web site.


- Exhibiting at NFT is strictly prohibited

- This site and its operator waive all responsibility for any issues or damages that result from the use of content (assets, web pages, etc.) found herein.

- The content (assets, web pages, etc.) found on this web site may be subject to change or deletion without prior warning. .

- These terms of use (disclaimers, prohibitions, etc.) may be revised without prior warning.

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