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- Resources for RPG Maker -
Just under, OGG and M4A which can be used with
RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker VX Ace, and RPG Maker MV, etc. are
bundled.The contents of the "Assets_for_Unity" folder are not used.

- Assests for Unity -
The "Assets_for_Unity" folder in contains ogg files divided
into intro and loop. Be careful not to overwrite loop.ogg because its
file name is the same as the ogg files for RPG Maker right under zip.
This folder does not mean "Unity only". You can use these files with
any game dev tool.
Please note that although MP3 files are mainly the full version for
audition use, they can of course also be used for game production.
Essential JRPG Battle Music Pack has released!!

$5.00 USD
This is my first toll music pack!
♪demo#1 ♪demo#2 ♪demo#3 ♪demo#4 demo#5
Title Note
Normal Battle


Orchestral / Heroic / Brave / Troops / War
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Immortal Spirits

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Grim Determination

Rock / Violin / Cool / Brave / Motoi Sakuraba style

Deadly Sins

Brave / Cool / Violin / Piano / Rock / Guiter

Noble Excution

Gothic / Classical / Rock / Piano / Melancholy

Forbidden Saga

Sa Ga style / Violin / Kenji Ito style / Homage / Rock / Cool /Brave

Everlasting Flame of Blue

Synthesiser / Rock / Pop / Guitar / Four-on-the-floor


Japanese / Oriental / Rock/ Guitar / Shamisen / Shakuhachi

The Girl with the Holy Rapier

Brave / Cool / Violin / Ac.Guitar / Melancholy

Defeat The Evil

Hard Rock / Guitar / Violin / Cool / Brave

The Impalpable Force

Synthesiser / Rock / Guitar / Four-on-the-floor

For The Glorious Achievement

Synthesiser / Guitar / Brave

The Oath to the Tomorrow

Violin / Synthesiser / Melancholy / Brave

Battle for Honour

Synthesiser / Retro / Short

A Brade of Willpower

Brave / Cool / Violin / Ac.Guitar / Melancholoy / Four-on-the-floor

One of memories of Forgotten Hero

Trumpet / Retro / Brave / Four-on-the-floor

Set Ablaze

Hard Rock / Guitar / Cool / Brave
RPG Maker only

RPG Maker 2 BGM7
(YouFulca ver.)

RPG Maker only/ Trumpet / Retrol / SNES

◆Terms of Use (Japanese website)
RPG Maker only

(YouFulca ver.)

RPG Maker only/ Trumpet / Orchestral / Play Stasion

◆Terms of Use (Japanese website)


Japanese / Oriental / Rock/ Guitar / Shamisen / Shakuhachi


Violin / Piano / Ac.Guitar / Melancholoy / Brave / Four-on-the-floor

Don`t Hesitate

Flute / Guitar / Ac.Guitar / Retro / Brave /

Bewilder in the Dark

Orchestral / Dark / Scared / Horror

Battle in the Wilderness

Wild Arms style / Whistle / Trumpet / Western / Loner /

The Sword of the Bravery

Violin / Ac.Guitar / Melancholoy / Brave / Sa Ga style

Motoi Sakuraba Style

Rock / Organ / Synthesiser / Homage / Star Ocean style

Battle Theme

Retro / Guitar / Standard style


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